My love for fashion and the conflicting feelings regarding how it is produced and also the lack of respect for the craft, has made me constantly trying to find other ways of producing and presenting fashion.
Therefore, I used to buy secondhand materials and create my own brand on a very small scale making totally one-off pieces, often on commission. I did this abroad for many years.
When I came back to Stockholm and worked in Stockholms Stadsmission´s secondhand it became clear to me that what I had been doing on my own was something that should be done within an organization that had all the components to make it happen.
So when I started Remake Sthlm in 2002 this was not my first venture into designing and producing in this way.
It was a way to, together with others, put the light on all the things I found and still find problematic about the fashion industry and consumption. To do this within an organization who also have a focus on human rights and deal with the results of overproduction and overconsumption on a daily basis is a win-win situation.
For 20 years now I have, together with Stockholms Stadsmission and the Remake Sthlm team, developed and created a brand totally rooted in social and environmental sustainability.
For this painstaking work we have been awarded Elle´s conscious award, NK´s innovation award and Damernas Världs Guldknappen, we have also had the honor of making a Nobel dress for the former cultural and democracy minister Alice Bah-Kuhnke.