1900 SEK

Let's be honest, some days you just want to hide behind the biggest piece of clothes there is in the closet. We get it.
But why not do it in style? Let this oversized, patchworked shirt called Joe be your companion, through good and bad.

Joe is the result of three different shirts combined into one, and is just like you and me - unique.

  • MATERIAL: Cotton
  • COLOUR: Denim
  • THE MODEL IS: 180 cm
  • CHEST: 140 cm
  • FULL LENGTH: 94 cm
  • SLEEVE: 90 cm

Got sizing-questions? Calm down, we got your back.
We know that this can be tricky, and our beauties are as you might have guessed; not according to size standards.
Take a look at our size-guide and let us ease your troubled mind.